dinsdag 15 april 2014

Early Easter | MOODBOARD

Bij de Lente hoort Pasen, en bij Pasen horen eieren. Ook StyleCookie.nl is bezig met voorjaarsgevoel. De foto met de eierschillen is van onze stagiaires Natascha en Judith. 

Thou Swell Blog | Kevin O’Gara 
Styling: Natascha Hoogstraten | Photography: Judith Rietveld

maandag 7 april 2014

Inspiring Illustrations | NEW PRODUCTS

At the beginning of a new and fresh week, we are inspired by this lovely mix of illustrations and photography from Kari Herer. Stay tuned and see how Stylecookie.nl translated this.

Drawing on her experience in the fine arts and graphic design, as well as her deep love of nature, Kari Herer provides her clients with professional fine art and portrait photography in a variety of beautiful settings.

Flower picture |Ana Louis Perkins